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What we do

What we do

Recruitment solutions suiting every need.

Our inclusive “Recruitment Solutions for All” approach addresses diverse needs, aligning top-tier talent with exceptional opportunities. Tailored strategies ensure mutual success, benefiting both businesses and individuals in the dynamic job market.

Our Team Members

Annie Milne

Founder & CEO

Annie, with a career rooted in recruitment since 1994, co-founded Sprout Recruitment. She held senior roles in major firms like Select and Manpower, delivering success for diverse businesses worldwide. Passionate about leadership, communication, and people, Annie also enjoys family time, the NSW Central Coast, and horse racing.

Kane Milne

Founder & Directing Manager

Kane, Co-Founder of Sprout Recruitment, heads daily operations in Sydney. A UTS graduate, his recruitment journey began at 16. After teaching and excelling in real estate recruitment, he co-founded Sprout to serve Greater Western Sydney. Passionate about sports, Kane mentors juniors off-field.

David Webster

Strata & Building Talent Specialist

With 11+ years in sales and strata, David leverages personal industry insights to help candidates discover their ideal roles. Approachable for discussions on roles, real estate/strata, or his sports fan woes (Go Parra!).

Josie Granero

Senior Creative & Talent Manager

With 7 years in Real Estate, Josie was Sprout’s inaugural recruit. Enhancing processes and brand awareness is her goal. Building genuine candidate relationships is her forte, and she’s up for a chat, especially with wine!

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Sprout's Guarantee

Engaging with a recruiter ensures a successful placement.

Navigating the complexities of hiring the right fit for your business or seeking a new job can be daunting. At Sprout, we recognise every organisation’s uniqueness and offer a refreshing recruitment alternative. With a solid reputation for exceptional customer service, our team understands the pivotal nature of hiring and job-seeking. We simplify the process by understanding your needs, offering transparent communication, and delivering on our promises. 

If we can’t meet your expectations, we’ll honestly guide you to someone who can!


Adding People Strategy in Every Company

Incorporating a robust people strategy is imperative for every company. It ensures optimal workforce management, fosters employee engagement, and propels overall growth. A well-defined people strategy aligns organizational goals with talent development, resulting in enhanced productivity and a thriving workplace culture.

Embrace work with passion; let love fuel job.

Embrace your profession wholeheartedly and let your passion drive your efforts. When you love your job and work with dedication, you create a positive impact not only on your work but also on your overall well-being and success.

Annie Milne
Founder & CEO